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Kraj: Włochy
Region: Włochy
Ulica: Via Alzaia, 1
Telefon: +39 0382 926086
Faks: +39 0382 926507
Firm Rank: 0
INCI S.p.A. – DYNAMICA Cosmetic and Fashion Accessories Division -, with its twenty years of experience in the beauty sector, it is recognized at international level like affordable partner, able to offer high-quality products and a total assistance service to its customer. Always extremely careful to the constant and progressive market’s evolutions, DYNAMICA Cosmetic and Fashion Accessories Division follows a continuing research of actual and competitive proposals. DYNAMICA Cosmetic[...]

GVM I.E. more

Kraj: Włochy
Region: Włochy
Miasto: Teramo
Ulica: c.da S. Benedetto
Telefon: +39 348 5847770
Faks: +39 0861 217602
Firm Rank: 0
GVM I. E. is an Italian manufacturer and exporter of an innovative patented all over the world coffee based healthy drink. This particular patented blend contains: - Italian premium quality ground coffee, - sixteen medicinal herbs (world famours for their salutary and wellness properties) and classic spices (to get a delicious taste). This ingredients provide synergically health properties (tonic, digestive, purifying, energetic, dietetic). The product is absolutely harmless and because[...]

Body Art - Italtecno Cosmetics Div. more

Kraj: Włochy
Region: Włochy
Miasto: Modena
Ulica: Via Marinuzzi 38
Telefon: +39 059 282348
Faks: +39 059 280462
Firm Rank: 0
Body Art is a dynamic company paying the attention to female cosmetics - complete lines specifically studied for total person's wellbeing, specific products for face and body, which offer final customer a high security and full comfort in use, immediate results and competitive prices. Body Art offers its clients the only High Quality products-modern cosmetics formulation based on energy and power of Nature. Plant extracts, flowers, officinal herbs, essential oils selected for cosmetic formulation[...]

Sanipro more

Kraj: Włochy
Region: Włochy
Miasto: Francavilla al mare
Ulica: Viale Monte Sirente, 15/B
Telefon: +39 348 0355545
Faks: +39 085 693797
Firm Rank: 0
Water sterilizer, water treatment: An innovative and wide range of Ultra-Violet sterilizers involved in the complete elimination of micro-organisms from water and liquid in general (as viruses, germs, bacteria, spores, algea, etc.. ) avoiding the use of chemical products. This ecological system can be used in many environments: For swimming pools and pools in general, for the production of drinking water (domestic and communal), for fountains, for the treatment of waste waters, for the effluents[...]

DEA FLAVOR srl more

Kraj: Włochy
Region: Włochy
Miasto: Trento
Ulica: Via Praga 24
Telefon: +39 0461 994091
Firm Rank: 0
DEA Flavor was founded in Trento by two entrepreneurs' passion for the world of electronic smoking. Currently there are 20 employees working in the company; thanks to the significant investments made, in 2013, the annual production reaches 20 million of 10ml and 20ml bottles. The company produces flavoured liquids for electronic cigarettes focusing its attention to the research of raw materials that are supplied only by certified producers, with several years of experience and leaders in pharmaceutical[...]

EVERmed Srl more

Kraj: Włochy
Region: Włochy
Miasto: Pegognaga (MN)
Ulica: Via Aldo Moro 25
Telefon: +39 0376 550828
Faks: +39 0376 550831
Firm Rank: 0
EVERmed is a leading Italian manufacturer of refrigerators, freezers, blood storage refrigerators, ice makers, portable refrigerators-freezers and cold stores for medical/scientific application that find usage in hospitals, laboratories, tranfusion centers, universities, pharmacy, pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology labs. With a complete range of products EVERmed is able to satisfy all the customer needs.[...]

Christine Mor Cosmetics more

Kraj: Włochy
Region: Włochy
Miasto: Gavardo
Ulica: via S. Antonio, 49
Telefon: +39 0365 31525
Faks: +39 0365 371298
Firm Rank: 0
We are an italian company manufacturer of cosmetic creams and lotions, specialized in the production of all kinds of whitening cosmetic products for the skin. We work with several types of whitening agents, all of them natural, more or less powerfull. Within the whitening range of products we can supply from creams for face and body lotions, to the serums, soaps, scrubbers for face and body, tonic lotions and aal what is possible to formulate. We only use whitening agents allowed from the European[...]


Kraj: Włochy
Region: Włochy
Miasto: Milano
Ulica: Via Ulisse Salis, 28
Telefon: +39 02 6456960
Faks: +39 02 66224056
Firm Rank: 0
Officina Fitobiologica is an handicraft workshop, partner of the Italian Association of Cosmetic Industries (UNIPRO), of RTC (Cosmetologic Researches and Technologies), qualified meeting structure between university world and industrial reality, of the COLIPA (European Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association), of the Confindustria (General Confederation of the Italian Industry) and of Federchimica (National Federation of the Chemical Industry). It was established in 1977 to create handmade cosmetics,[...]

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